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The Muid
3-Aug-2010, 07:13
Hi all,

I'v been searching for a while online for websites in the UK that stock film sleeves and storage items (the postage is too expensive from America to Ireland :confused: ). Does anyone know any websites where I can buy clear acetate storage for 135, 120, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 film?

Thanks for your help :)


Diarmuid :cool:

Joanna Carter
3-Aug-2010, 08:51
You could always try Secol (http://www.secol.co.uk/), but their prices can sometimes make it cheaper to import stuff.

3-Aug-2010, 09:45
I'd second the Secol recommendation, their stuff is very good quality.

Steve Gledhill
3-Aug-2010, 10:11
And again - Secol (http://www.secol.co.uk/).
I've used their 5x4 storage for sheet film and large print sleeves for years.
But they aren't cheap. YGWYPF.

Pete Watkins
4-Aug-2010, 01:06
Another vote for Secol. I think that the factory is in Norfolk.

The Muid
4-Aug-2010, 01:48
Thanks, they certainly do have some very attractive products. Prices are a bit high though :eek: Are there any cheaper places where a poor student can find a bargain?

Thanks for your help :)

Diarmuid :cool:

4-Aug-2010, 04:43
You can also order a whole bunch of stuff to combine shipping. I'm in the US and have relatively inexpensive shipping, but I still order stuff in bunches to have some savings in shipping. I also order stuff from china (for work) once a while and I have to order even larger amounts to make shipping worthwhile.