View Full Version : Macbeth TD 501 B&W Densitometer Manual

Jim Moore
19-Mar-2002, 00:20
I just purchased a used Macbeth TD 501 B&W Densitometer on eBay. The descriptio n says that it is in good working order and comes with a calibration film wedge, but no manual or instructions.

Can anyone point me in the direction to obtain a copy of a manual for it? I wou ld be willing to pay some one for the trouble of making a copy of one. Or a web link would be great.


Ed O'Grady
19-Mar-2002, 14:01
Jim, take a look at the Gretag macbeth site may be some help there. Ed http://www.gretagmacbeth.com/Source/Gm.asp

Pete Caluori
19-Mar-2002, 18:57

A few years ago, when I acquired an older Macbeth densitometer, I too was looking for a manual. I never found one, but did find a gentleman in NY that worked for Macbeth and is now retired. He repairs and calibrates densitometers and knows lots about them. Unfortunately, I lost his name and number, but I found him by searching the WEB. He offered to send me a copy of the manual, but said it was of little use and instead told me everything I needed over the phone. Wish I still had his info, but searching the WEB may uncover him as it did for me several years ago. Good luck!


11-May-2005, 13:39
Jim, I know it's been years since you bought the Macbeth td501 and you may not even have it today but I wanted to ask you if you ever got hold of a manual for it. I just bought one and it appears to work fine, reading a negative, but I would like a manual for the details.
Thanks Curt