View Full Version : Anyone have PA-45 (Fuji instant film holder) focus issues?

matt kime
2-Aug-2010, 20:29
I think i'm seeing a focus problem with my PA-45. I'm not certain how much detail i can get out of the polaroid but its enough to make the exposure look incorrect (blacks gray out due to lack of focus)

any ideas? thanks

3-Aug-2010, 04:32
I cant speak about the focus accuracy of the PA-45, but what you describe does not sound like focus issues. Focusing problems do not cause exposure issues, nor do they cause black areas to become gray. Black fine detail might be defocused and thus become smeared and less intense black, but by then the first thing you will notice is the major blurring.

If you want to check for holder/back issues, shoot something detailed (newspaper, metal fence, textured wall etc.) at an 45 degree angle, focus carefully using a loupe on a certain spot, then check if the same point is best focused in the resulting image.

Daniel Stone
4-Aug-2010, 01:57
polaroids should never be used to check absolute sharpness, the same with fujiroids ;).

I went through 2 packs of film before realizing that the negatives(real 4x5 film) I shot alongside each one of those pieces of instant film was razor sharp where I wanted it, the pola/fujiroid was just soft(compared to the 4x5 negative of the corresponding shot).

instant films are made up of lines of red, green and blue. If you use a microscope you can see what I mean, it'll have to be a higher-powered one.

I now just shoot fujiroids(in a pa-45) for journaling while on the road. Faster than digital from capture to print :D!


4-Aug-2010, 04:09
My fujiroids from a pola550 holder were always off slightly. i never liked them being out of focus but the technology was only ever made to be throwaway. Asking for pinsharp images is asking too much.