View Full Version : Ansco front standard will not lock

Wayne Aho
2-Aug-2010, 16:34
I have an 8x10 ansco universal view camera and the front standard will rise, but not stay in place. It does not appear to have a friction lock, nor does it have a gear lock like the cambos.

I would appreciate if anyone has any experience with this camera, or any suggestions.


Mark Sampson
2-Aug-2010, 18:01
It's a long time since I used one of these, but as I recall, you either push the rise knob in or pull it outward to lock it in place. Simple when you figure it out, not obvious though.

2-Aug-2010, 18:44
My 5x7 Ansco works like Mark stated above.
Looking at it from the front (as you've posted), pull that left rise knob out (to the left) about 1/4". It should then allow you to turn it until you get it as high or low as you want it. Once placed where desired, push the left knob back in (to the right). If the gear and rail are both good, this should lock it in place.

Wayne Aho
2-Aug-2010, 19:55
Thank you both for your help. I inspected the front very carefully, and it looks as if a piece is missing, there are two screw holes on the left side (looking from the front), and a cutout for a lock plate. I'll fabricate something for the teeth to engage in.

Thanks very much for the help.