View Full Version : ADOX MCC 110 Now Available in 5x7 Sheets

Andre Noble
1-Aug-2010, 12:49

Adox MCC 100 in 25 sheet 5x7 size, is now available at Freestyle in Holywood. I bought some last week there.

To all who don't already know Adox MCC 110 is a new, awesome fiber back and white paper with excellent tones, jet blacks and a nice glossy sheen. Previously available in 8x10.

It has greater than average dry down affect. People report that it tones well in selenium, and split tones well. (more on that later)

Long live black and white!

David Karp
1-Aug-2010, 13:30
Thanks for the heads up. I was going to cut down some 8x10 for a few 5x7 contact prints. Now I think I might just head over to the store to pick up some 5x7!