View Full Version : Your thoughts (and pictures) on Shanghai 5x7

1-Aug-2010, 04:30
Hi there,

Thinking about buying a box or two of Shanghai 5x7 on ebay. I was wondering if any of you have development formulas and sample shots to share, along with your experiences of quality. I can't figure out if it's the same formula as the Shanghai GP3 that looks really good for 120 film - on ebay it says "made in the same factory".

Anyway, your observations would be great.


1-Aug-2010, 06:54
I follow the data in the Massive Development Chart and it comes out fine. I have the app for my iPhone but you can google and get the formula.

Tim Meisburger
1-Aug-2010, 08:00
I shoot it in 4x5 and am happy with it. I also use the standard times with D76.

Tim Meisburger
1-Aug-2010, 08:19
I don't have enough experience with other films to compare it, but with more than 500 sheets I have had no issues of any kind with quality control. Its flat and the emulsion is consistent. Some people think the boxes are too small, but it is by far the cheapest film available outside the US. Price with shipping outside the US (as well as in the US) is about what US buyers pay for Arista.edu. Outside the US arista is no bargain because shipping costs are so high.