View Full Version : do i need a recessed lens board?

23-Apr-2002, 14:19
hi there

i have a quick question that isn't quite rocket science .. i use a toyo cx and have a 110mm to speed / crown graphic lens board adapter. all my lenses are mounted on speed graphic boards since they are small, and i can use them with a few different cameras. can i mount a 65mm lens ( supter angulon) on a speed graphic board and not have any problems when i use it on the toyo? or will the very short focal length pose serious problems. i know i will have to use a bag bellows with it ... thanks!

David Grandy
23-Apr-2002, 14:55
Which 65 is it?

I have a 65 mm SA f8 and I use it with an older Toyo 5x7 field camera on a flat graflex board. The 65 f8 has a very limited image circle for 4x5 but I also have almost no bellows flexibility because the bellows is so squished. In my situation I couldn't use the larger image circle of the 65 f5.6 because I can't change the bellows so (as strange as this sounds) the combination of the f8 and my squished bellows is a good match.

I don't think that you should have any problems using any 65 as long as you can rack the lens in close enough to the film (i.e. 65 mm at infinity). You may want to consider a centre grad filter if edge to edge exposure evenness is critcal to you.

23-Apr-2002, 15:44
hi there

it would be for either a f8 or a f5.6. when i asked the folks at toyo if i could use a flat board they told me that if i didn't have a recessed board, i would get vignetting from not being close enough to the film plane ... i had never heard this before, so i figured i would ask people here :) thanks in advance!

24-Apr-2002, 10:05
If you use a flat board you will not have vignetting as was described, but you must use a bag bellows. In any event, you will have limited movements if a recessed board is not used.