View Full Version : Thiele: Großes Fabrikationsbuch Rodenstock 1934-1984

Dr Klaus Schmitt
31-Jul-2010, 14:56
Another "Thiele" just came out with all known production info about Rodenstock lenses.
1934 to 1984, serial numbers 676109 to 10496295.

Including test and prototypes, cine, X-Ray and special lenses etc.

Lindemanns sell them in Germany
Petra Keller sell them in the USA

[I'm not related to either Mr Thiele nor the book sellers just to make things clear,
I just have about all of them since 1st print and make good use of them...]

Paul Ewins
31-Jul-2010, 17:24
Thanks for that Klaus. I wasn't aware of his books. It looks like I am going to have to hunt down the three volumes on Schneider lenses (Lindemans only show volume 3 and Camerabooks is a little expensive).


Dr Klaus Schmitt
2-Aug-2010, 16:16
If you need sth specific, I could also contact H. Thiele for you. His books are "print on demand", so I guess sth can't really be "out of print", but maybe "out of stock" at a dealer.

Paul Ewins
2-Aug-2010, 16:25
Thanks Klaus. I'm researching the various Symmar lenses and a production list should give definitive introduction dates for the different series and individual lenses within the series. I've got approximate dates from catalogs but they are often three or four years apart so it isn't very accurate. Depending on the layout of the lists it would be nice to also be able to say how many of each lens were produced.