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Michael Mutmansky
31-Jul-2010, 12:31

After a long hiatus from photography, I am finally finding some time to do it again, and the first thing I need to do is develop my large stash of 4x5 and 120 film that has been exposed and waiting for development (which may be the last film I will ever shoot, but that's another story)

So I got D-76, Kodak fixer (not rapid fix) and permawash mixed up from fresh packets, and started.

The first batch that came out of the Jobo with a high B+F stain, the color of which is a little bronze looking. I haven't put it on the densitometer (not unpacked yet), but it is pretty dense, maybe .35 to .5 in density I'd guess. I thought to myself that it may be heat fog from that film, as some of it has been waiting for development for a while, and due to a move, I haven't been able to be certain that the film has been treated well the entire time.

OK, so I switched to the 120 as a test. I have some that is fairly recent (shot last year from fresh film and stored in the refrigerator). The same result occurred, so that rules out heat fog.

Before I ruin more film, I'd like to try to eliminate variables and replace the chems that are the likely suspect. I've always gotten really clean B+F from Acros in the past, but I have changed so many variables that it's not going to be easy to determine the problem unless someone knows from the description what the problem may be.

In the past, I used different developer, different fixer, just about everything was different including the water supply. The only constant I have is the film and the Jobo unit...

Since Acros worked so well for me in the past, I am looking for some thoughts from people who may have seen this before and can tell me where to start ruling out variables.



31-Jul-2010, 13:57
Get a fresh (like from the store today) short roll of anything B&W and shoot it, even 35mm. Soup it in the current soup and see.

If the base looks clear, it's your shot film. Film fogs at 120 deg F., I know I live in AZ. Unless you're using Pyro or have a light leak in your loading room you really should not have base fog that noticeable.

Hmmm ...

Michael Mutmansky
31-Jul-2010, 16:12
Looks like a bad batch of developer (maybe they left out the restrainer). I just processed a sheet in some ilford PQ to see what would happen (about 2 minutes), and it has no problems with B+F and the DR is up in platinum range (that's what I use PQ for, actually).

This would be the first time that I have ever purchased chemicals from kodak that are faulty (I've never used Xtol!).