View Full Version : Synchro Compur Shutter Repair Options

31-Jul-2010, 08:47
I have a Synchro Compur on an 8 1/4 Red Dot that needs repair...and was curious as to who is "currently" repairing these shutters...

I know skgrimes is an option...

And Flutot's is a waiting list, with 5 week turnaround after the initial wait...

Curious if there are others known to do quality, reasonably priced repairs in the US...(with quick turnaround time)

Problems - Press focus lever is missing, and B & T are inop....so I can't preview, speed settings work, and sound ok...if I could preview, I'd use it as is....

Thanks in advance,

Mark Sampson
31-Jul-2010, 10:57
Frank Marshman
of Camera Wiz;
169B Pleasant Hill Rd.
Harrisonburg VA 22801