View Full Version : Eastman Plate camera Series 3, Type D

dileep prakash
18-Mar-2002, 03:29
Folks: I've bumped upon an Eastman Plate camera Series 3, type D, in quarter size. It i s a hundred years old, possibly manufactured sometime between 1901-1904!! but it is in shambles. Being located in India I cannot find anyone to restore this ant ique. Would anyone be able to help - any photos, data sheets, etc would be great . Thanks Dileep

Ed O'Grady
18-Mar-2002, 14:15
Dileep, try this link, not sure if this is the correct camera but may be. http://www.nwmangum.com/Kodak/No3FB-2.html.Also, www.nwmangum.com/Kodak/_menus/menu-Chrono.html you might find it here. Ed