View Full Version : Off to Yosemite!

John Kasaian
28-Jul-2010, 09:39
The VW is packed!

V-8 'dorff
12 holders loaded with HP-5+
14" Commerical Ektar
10"WF Ektar
Filter kit
Lens cleaning kit
Dark cloth
Cable releases
Park pass
Stop watch (for night photography)
Gowland 810 Aerial

Outta here guys!

Mark Woods
28-Jul-2010, 09:50
Go get 'em!!

David Karp
28-Jul-2010, 10:02
Have a great time!

I am sitting at my computer - working :) - and I have one of my wife's photos of Yosemite in front of me. Oh, to be there instead!

28-Jul-2010, 10:16
Hi John,

Have a safe trip, have fun, and feed that Dorff well!


28-Jul-2010, 16:23
Was there two weeks ago -- had a blast!



28-Jul-2010, 19:40
A good friend who lives in Yosemite Valley (for the last ~20 years) is coming to visit me this week-end. Sometimes one needs a break from too much of a good thing! LOL!

Have a great time!

2-Aug-2010, 10:25
I'm jealous of anyone going to Yosemite (see my signature below). I just got back from my 3rd trip of the year - and I'm still waiting for my slides to come back. I can't wait!

Have a great time... try not to let the insane July/August crowds ruin the experience for you.

David Aimone
2-Aug-2010, 10:47
Near the top of my to do list! Have fun...

evan clarke
2-Aug-2010, 12:20
I'm jealous too, Google says it's 2115 miles from my house which means about 12 days of travel one way.(You gotta stop with photo equipment!) I'd actually really love to live in Bishop but my Mrs. is a little homebound here...EC

Terry Hull
2-Aug-2010, 15:08
Told my wife yesterday we should move to Bishop. It looks like the land of William Penn will continue to be our home for a real long time.

Robert Oliver
2-Aug-2010, 15:34
just got back... but didn't take real camera. Traffic in the valley really sucked on Saturday. Crowds were heavy.

But still can't beat that place for scenery... only saw one large format camera, but spent most of my time in the back country.

Yosemite Falls was still going, but getting pretty low.

Brad Rippe
2-Aug-2010, 18:25
Have fun John,
Here is one from Saturday, Waterwheel Falls. This is from my p&s, but I did bring the 4by5. I got there at high noon. It was hot and smoky from a fire down the canyon, many plunges in the river cooled things down nicely.

2-Aug-2010, 19:05
Maybe you should bring a whole-plate camera and some glass dry plates...?


Good hunting!