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28-Jul-2010, 06:16

I am new here. I have just registered because of a very specific subjet. I am a fan of the 40s black&white (and of course the old Kodachrome look too). Now I am trying to find as much information as possible about that.

I am about to buy some Kodak books edited in the 40s, you know, the "Kodak Reference HandBook" and the "Kodak Films: A Data Book On Black and White Negative Materials", for some years of the forties. But I am really interested in finding the spectral sensitivity chart and response (density vs exposure) chart of the films used then, specially Eastman Plus-X and Super-XX. And if possible, Kodachrome (but that is a bit different story).

I think that some of you here own, or know, these books, and probably you could tell me, please, if these charts/data is shown in these publications, as I really need it.

Thank you very much for any help.

Kind regards

al olson
29-Jul-2010, 05:44
Can't help you with '40s films, but I have Kodak Film Data Guides for 1952 and 1954. These have the wedge photos for spectral sensitivity. Hope that helps.