View Full Version : Gowlandflex misaligned

27-Jul-2010, 12:10
I just got my eBayed Gowlandflex, and noticed very quckly that the lenses are quite badly misaligned to the body (see bad photo).

I haven't tested with film, but was wondering how big of a deal is it? Can I adjust it myself, or do I have to take it to a repairman?

Oren Grad
27-Jul-2010, 13:01
On the Gowlandflex that I used to own, the front standard rested on a frame that rode on two parallel toothed tracks, one on each side, for focusing. If your camera is the same in that respect, the first thing I'd look at is whether one side has jumped forward one or two teeth, and if so, whether there's something you can loosen that will let you lift that side just a bit and move it back to exact parallel with the other side.

27-Jul-2010, 13:09
Same with this one. That looks like the likely culprit. I'm just afraid of making things worse - how do I know which side to move forward or back?

John Koehrer
27-Jul-2010, 18:24
Not to be snotty but pick one. Twere it me I'd move the one closest to the body. It may have gotten bumped or moved, maybe even in shipping.

28-Jul-2010, 04:39
If it's the one off ebay that was an unbelievably good price, then it was like it beforehand - the pics on the listing show the issue but it wasnt in the description.

1-Sep-2010, 16:48
Got a call from my local dealer who had a CLA done, and it went well and everything should work fine now :D The damage was €138 EUR, so even taking that into account I'm going to be at a good price overall.

Picking it up on Saturday and taking some test frames this weekend. I think I'll first run some exposure tests, bokeh tests wide open, and see how different apertures look like compared to 6x6, let alone digital small formats. Can't wait!

21-Sep-2010, 16:15
Everything is fine, and the eBay seller even picked up the tab on the alignment part of CLA :)