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26-Jul-2010, 13:11
Okay, Frankís thread on Big Sur got me thinking about San Luis Obispo, Ca. My only child is heading off to collage next Sept. at Cal Poly, SLO and my wife and I fell in love with the area when we were down with him checking out the campus. We will be down there probably three or four times a year for at least the next four years and possible longer (heís think Masters degree right after).

So the question is, what is there to shoot down that way? Itís a little further south than what was covered in the Big Sur thread.

Thanks, Brian

26-Jul-2010, 13:18
Montana de Oro State Park, Carrisa Plains, Oceano Dunes, Edna VAlley, Santa MAria VAlley, more coast below Sur, etc etc etc

Drew Wiley
26-Jul-2010, 13:38
While there is indeed quite a bit interest along the coastline, don't forget about going
inland during the Spring months. There is some stunning Coast Range country in the
numerous back canyons, very lightly populated. Some of this has been turned into
vineyards, but further back, it's still largely open rolling rangeland, with impressive wildflower shows in season. You can make a wonderful loop either toward the Carrizo
plain southward, or toward Parkfield northward. Some of the most interesting roads are unpaved, however.

Rick Russell
26-Jul-2010, 15:02
In addition to the areas identified above, I would highly recommend Guadalupe, California, which is due west of Santa Maria and just a few miles from the beach.

Rick Russell

26-Jul-2010, 15:13
Guadalupe, home of the Far Western featuring the Bullseye Steak and jumping off for Oso Flaco Lake in the sanddunes, and just below the Nipomo Mesa where there still may be eucalyptus groves. Don't hesitate to go inland in the not spring- most of the year the valleys are filled with golden grasses. Summer on the coast can be foggy/overcast. Summer inland can be three figures hot: Winter inland foggy, coast sunny and warm

Jim Fitzgerald
26-Jul-2010, 16:44
Be sure to check out Los Osos Oak preserve in Los Osos. You will be glad you did.


Eric Woodbury
26-Jul-2010, 17:44
Yes, a beautiful area. Depends on your interests, of course, but the coast is nice, the Los Osos Oak are fabulous, the wild flowers, tide pools, waves, sand dunes, California Missions, Nacimiento/Hunter Liggett area, crop fields, and rolling hills. Plenty. And don't forget, bubble-gum alley.

Walter Calahan
26-Jul-2010, 18:48
I'm pretty sure once you start exploring you'll find plenty of things that interest you. Open yourself to surprise and mystery by wondering around without a preconceived plan.:D

26-Jul-2010, 19:39
And Morro Bay, of course. The last of the morros (volcanic plugs) extending from SLO down to the coast is (almost) fully out in the water--Morro Rock.

Pismo Beach is a little further down the coast, and provides a pier and other typical California beach scenes.

If you go out onto the barrier spit from Montana de Oro State Park, you'll find the Morro Dunes, which is also quite interesting.

San Luis Obispo is becoming rather gentrified, judging from reports from my colleagues at Cal Poly with whom I worked there for several months 13 or 14 years ago. But you can strike out in almost any direction and find good stuff to photograph.

Rick "who misses the Thursday night tri-tip at the Farmer's Market" Denney