View Full Version : Linhof Master Technika- widest cammable lens 75 or 72mm?

Mark Nowaczynski
22-Apr-2002, 20:35
Which is the best and widest cammable lens on the Master Technika- 75 mm or 72mm (75mm f4.5 Grandagon-N vs. 72mm XL)? Will the bed be visible in the image when used hand held with rangefinder focussing? I have no problems with my 90mm len s used this way, but sometimes it is just not wide enough.

Bob Salomon
23-Apr-2002, 14:21
The widest lens that can be cammed is the 72mm. If you use the camera with the back set to vertcal the end of the bed will be in the photo with 65 to 75mm lenses.

To eliminate this when taking verticals the back would have to be horizontal and the camera held vertically.