View Full Version : APO Ronar 480mm or Nikon 450mm

Ed Burlew
17-Mar-2002, 10:53
If the rodenstock is your favourite buy it, When you buy it and it costs too much you only cry once, If you don't, you cry whenever you think about it. I have that Rodenstock and it is EXTREEMLY SHARP!!! I can see no reason for me to sell this lense.PERIOD.

Jorge Gasteazoro
17-Mar-2002, 16:20
Armin I dont know if this is a consideration for you, but all my filters are 67mm and all my lenses use this size.The Nikon 450 is also this size, is why I am buying it! Sure I would love to have the APO, but I dont want to carry different size filters for every lens.

18-Mar-2002, 16:19

There are two versions of recent Apo_Ronar 480/9 (say last 25 years). One is single coated, and the other multi-coated, but they all take 67mm filters.


Get the multi-coated Apo-Ronar 480/9 lens. It's much sharper and reproduces better color fidelity on chromes. I tried the Nikkor 450/9 , then sold the lens cells, and had SKG mounted a Goerz RD Artar 450 into the Nikon/Copal #3 shutter. That's my opinion.

Since picking a lens is a personal preference, Why not try out both lenses and compare them yourself? Cheers, -- Geoffrey

Bob Salomon
18-Mar-2002, 17:01
On 4x5 a 480mm covers 14.5? and a 450mm covers 15?. In coverage that is the same difference as a 135 vs a 140mm.

Pick the one you like. For all practcal purposes they cover the same thing.

The 480 Apo Ronar in Copal 3 weighs 33.5 oz (949.7 g) andtakes 67mm filters. Is this weight acceptable to you? Does the shutter speeds of a Copal 3 make a difference? And you are aware that if it is in a Compur 3 it is an f11 rather then an f9 lens due to the size of the opening in a Compur/Prontor Professional 3 shutter?