View Full Version : Small Polaroid (the MF size) on 4x5?

Lars Daniel
24-Jul-2010, 15:03
Just a thought: Are there any holders to shoot the smaller non-4x5 (8.5x10.8cm) instant film on 4x5 cam with graflex back?
For some purposes that could come in handy, considering the prices of FP-100c compared to FP-100c45.

(I have searched, but found nothing.)

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Frank Petronio
24-Jul-2010, 19:26
The Polaroid 405 or Fuji PA145 is what you want. You will loose a small portion of the image compared to the full 4x5, but it is fine for exposure tests and funny shots with people's heads cut off.

Some older cameras won't work with these backs, sometimes there is a design obstruction so that the dark slide won't pull out on some of them. it is nice to have a camera Graflock back if the spring back won't accommodate the thickness of the instant holder.

Lars Daniel
25-Jul-2010, 10:22
Thanks Frank!

25-Jul-2010, 11:04
are you using it for testing? Just wondering...seems like a cheap DSLR would pay for itself as a lightmeter and polaroid clone pretty quickly, maybe an old 10d or something. Are people using DSlrs for that purpose?

john biskupski
25-Jul-2010, 11:11
I find that you rapidly get accustomed to judging how much to shift the camera over to the right to approximate a centred image. It is a bit hit and miss, and you wouldn't want to rely on that method for anything critical. But not bad for learning with a new camera, and in my case just now, playing with snapshots on a Razzle, which has the central rangefinder spot to use as a guide. I have some friends and family who are very satisfied with their portraits shot with this method, especially with the b&w instant film version. With gg viewing, you could use a simple mask or outline mark on the gg.

25-Jul-2010, 12:23
The small Fuji FP100 in a 405 holder is the way to go if it will fit your camera.

Using a DSLR will give you accurate exposure........only if your combination of f stops and shutter speeds on your view camera lens matches exactly the perfect electronic settings of the DSLR.

Even newer view lens shutters tend to need adjustments and CLA's after time, and older shutters maybe much more so since speeds can be all over the map, so seeing the results from that lens on the "instant" film is an insurance of what the real exposure on film will be. Relying on the DSLR could have you off by several stops of exposure value.

Also, if you are shooting transparency or color negative film, the auto white balance on the DSLR can hide the facts of color temperature in the scene. Using the Fuji film, which seems to be remarkably accurate for scene color (unlike the old Polaroid color), will tell you immediately if you need to consider filtration to correct color balance. Even if you plan to scan rather than directly print, having accurate color on the film is a better way to go than having to correct mistakes in FS.

Finally, a 405 back and two or three packs of Fuji film weighs less and takes up no more space that the DSLR. Could be a consideration if you are on a long hike.


Frank Petronio
15-Sep-2010, 17:05
Of course the smaller size does leave part of the 4x5 image out....