View Full Version : Schneider Symmar 5,6/150 - a good lens?

Mark Kallfass
16-Mar-2002, 13:36
Some time ago I bought a Plaubel 13*18-camera, but 13*18 films are too expensive . Therefore I decided to change to 9*12 films. It is possible to use the 13*18 s tandard lens (Symmar S 5,6/240) for 9*12 pictures, but it is not easy...

My dealer offers a Schneider Symmar 5,6/150 (only coated; shutter: Electric Comp ur [32s - 1/500s, no mechanical time!]) for 270 $. He told me it is "a great len s" even for colour slides an it is possible to take 13*18 pictures.

Has anybody any experience with the Schneider Symmar 5,6/150 (coated)? Has anybody any experience with the Electric Compur?

Thanks a lot.

Kevin Crisp
16-Mar-2002, 15:08
Look for separations (little snowflake-like stars, or worse) also fogging/haze inside before you buy it. It is a very good lens but...the price seems too high, these can often be had for $200 or less. I haven't personally had one of those shutters because I've heard it's best to avoid them and I have done so. Somebody else will have first hand experience, I am sure. If it were me, I'd much rather have one in a Compur shutter. Serial number range can tell you approximate date of the lens (check Schneider web site) and in my experience the ones in the late 60's and early 70's were particularly good. 11,000,000 plus. Good luck.

Per Volquartz
16-Mar-2002, 15:33
240mm is a great focal length for 4X5.

If you wish to purchase a 150mm lens you may try to find a slightly used G Claron 150mm f.9 in a Copal shutter. This lens should run you about the same price as the Symmar. Granted, the Symmar gives you a brighter screen = easier to focus, but the G Claron is smaller, sharp as a tack - and inexpensive for the type of image quality you will get.

David Willis
16-Mar-2002, 18:40
A few months ago, I picked up a Caltar S-II 150/5.6 (made by schneider) in a copal 0 for $200. It shouldn't be too difficult to find something similar.


J. P. Mose
16-Mar-2002, 20:29

Kevin is right. I have three Symmars, two of which are the pre -S and they both have haze in between the elements. Although they were both babied all of their life and appear mint, I've been told that the paint used on the barrel can cause haze on some lenses, no matter how well you take care of it. Mine were both made in the early 1970's, just prior to the -S change. So, at the tune of $95 lens, I am having them taken apart to remove the haze. My Symmar-S is from the mid 1970's and doesn't have this problem. Not all of the Symmars do this. Incidently, I received this tip from a well known and respected gentlemen who specializes in repair and restoration of large format lenses...I will leave out his name. Other than this it has always been an outstanding lens. Good luck.

JP Mose

Jim Galli
16-Mar-2002, 21:46
Following is a paragraph and address to Mr. Steve Grimes helpful discussion about the shutter in question. I would avoid at the non bargain price. 150 is a good choice though. I picked up a Caltar IIN 150 in a nice modern Copal shutter that is the Rodenstock Sironar N version and multi-coated for $157 on Ebay a few months ago. A superb little lens. Mr. Grimes is in quotes below, and his site is very well worth a visit.

"Here, I show the #1 in the largely unsuccessful battery timed "electronic" version. Most of the electronic versions don't work and the battery is difficult or impossible to find." http://www.skgrimes.com/compur/index.htm