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23-Jul-2010, 18:06
I just purchased a Fujinon 210 f/5.6 W, It is mounted in a Copal Press shutter, Thalmann says its a Copal C shutter. I cannot find stats about what diameter i need a lensboard hole for at all.

Can anyone give me the answer I seek?

Thank You,

23-Jul-2010, 18:28
You have the shutter? Measure it in millimeters and see which one of these it matches: http://www.sizes.com/tools/shutter_photo.htm

23-Jul-2010, 18:38
Oh, If I had the shutter it wouldn't be so bad, but It is en route to me, and I would really like to have a lensboard for it when it gets here.

Dan Fromm
24-Jul-2010, 04:25

Copal #1

Waiting to see what you've bought won't kill you.

24-Jul-2010, 06:08
Forgive my excitement, it is my first LF lens and I'd really like to mate it to my camera when it gets here to start taking a few photographs.

Thanks very much for the help!

24-Jul-2010, 09:20
the "C" at the end of Copal-C is Thalman's own code for "chrome ring - not fine toothed". It is just Kerry's own way of distinguishing between the various vintages of Copal shutters....of which he enumerates three...

Black - the latest, all black shutter,

Chrome - the one that came before black. looks and operate exactly the same as black but has a chrome dial.

Serrated - the early copal shutter. has a chrome dial but the "teeth" on the edge of the dial are closer together than those on the newer "chrome". The controls on these older models are also laid out slightly differently from the two newer models.

Your 210mm Fujinon-W takes a Copal #1 shutter and those require a 42mm (1-5/8 inch) hole.

erie patsellis
24-Jul-2010, 10:39
You might decide you like the press shutters, as a beginner,it's one less thing to remember to cock the shutter.

24-Jul-2010, 17:02
Thanks to everyone!