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22-Jul-2010, 17:43
Has anyone ever used an eye patch to keep one eye ready to work when their lens is stopped down? It might look strange, but I think having one eye accustomed to the light for composition, and one accustomed to the dark for DOF checks with the lens stopped down might work well.

22-Jul-2010, 17:46
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Frank Petronio
22-Jul-2010, 17:52

Ron Marshall
22-Jul-2010, 18:06
I also wear a bandana to keep hair out of my eyes and a cutlass to intimidate potential camera thieves.

22-Jul-2010, 18:57
Caspar David Friedrich wore a patch over one eye because he thought it helped him see things better as an artist.


I do not know think patching one eye for aperture preview is actually necessary, but whatever works will become your technique. I found the best tool for helping me see better (besides my glasses), is a hairband to keep my hair out of my eyes. Over the years, I also found that I prefer using a leather skirt with a loupe over my GG instead of a dark cloth since the dark cloth usually messes up my hair.

Brian Stein
22-Jul-2010, 19:03
Does it actually work in practice? I recall some lab. work where uniocular adaptation was inhibited in the sharp part of the retina if the other eye was light exposed (although it was slightly better in the periphery: not a lot of help for us photogs of course). You would need to wear your patch for about 30 min to get maximum adaptation

Mark Woods
22-Jul-2010, 19:14
This is not an uncommon practice with motion picture camera operators who have to look though N 1.2 and a lens that's stopped down and have to follow moving actors and a often times moving camera. Don't worry about the style points. Use what works to get the shot. I've worn an eye patch myself on occasion in order to operate the camera. Good luck. Put up a Skull & Bones where the camera is. ;-)

23-Jul-2010, 11:36
I don't use an eye patch when photographing, as the only time one eye is closed is when I'm focusing. I usually get the image on the GG, rough focus, then compose. Once composed, I do fine focusing, which only takes a minute or two. So having both eyes open is not an issue when photographing.

I do use an eye patch when observing at a telescope eyepiece, however. Long-term viewing through an eyepiece with just one eye open causes considerable strain to the viewing eye and the muscles around the closed eye. An eye patch allows ocular muscles to relax evenly and ease viewing.

I would suggest getting an eye patch, which only costs a few bucks, and trying it out in your work flow. If it works, then the minimal investment is worth it. If it doesn't prove useful, then you're only out a few bucks.

My dos centavos...


Lars Daniel
24-Jul-2010, 10:33
I prefer using a leather skirt

I've worn an eye patch myself
I would say an eye patch is nothing without wearing a leather skirt. Usually also with high-heel boots to go that extra inch higher.