View Full Version : cutting paper negs

robert j fallis
22-Jul-2010, 08:14
I've just moved house, and lost my darkroom. I need to cut some half plate paper negs from 5 x 7 paper
has any one ever tried this in a dark bag? or got any ideas how to do it ?


Mark Woods
22-Jul-2010, 10:01
Do it in a closet in the dark of night. I've loaded film in hotels this way and never had a problem with a flash. Dirt's another matter.

robert j fallis
22-Jul-2010, 14:42
thats a good idea mark I will have a go


Ross Chambers
23-Jul-2010, 01:35
Isn't there a tequila called "Two Fingers" or its Spanish equivalent?

Pardon the flippancy, but this was my first thought about dark bags, paper and cutting it inside one. But I have trimmed film in the dark, in a darkroom though.

Regards - Ross

Tim Meisburger
23-Jul-2010, 02:05
If you have a paper cutter that will fit in your dark bag, you can put tape down as a fence on the dimension lines. For example, before I had a safe light, I put tape on my cutter at four inches and five inches and was easily able to cut four negs from an 8x10 by touch.

robert j fallis
25-Jul-2010, 14:54
found a closet that I could fit a chair and safe light into. Cut a piece of dark slide to half plate size.as a template,.Now I cut the paper with a pair of sissors, in the comfort of a chair.. it's no longer a chore