View Full Version : 8x10 folding camera for vintage lenses

bob carnie
22-Jul-2010, 08:13
Question for you large format vintage lens geek/knobs.

Which 8x19 folding camera would you suggest to use so I can have a group of Vintage Lenses adapted to fit on the front lens board.

I really don't care about looks , weight or ebony polish , just a good working camera that could hold these lenses.

Price is a concern as well.

Steven Tribe
22-Jul-2010, 11:06
Diameter/weight of lens/size of suitable lens board? And focal lengths?

22-Jul-2010, 11:19
First time I read this I ignored it because I thought you meant some type of obscure banquet camera format.

I think you meant 8x10, right? (Ok I see the title now..)

Calumet C1? Rugged, cheap, sturdy.

bob carnie
22-Jul-2010, 12:43
Somehow I started two threads , so if a Mod could merge them I would appreciate it.