View Full Version : Discontinued 4x5 transparency films

21-Jul-2010, 09:16
Does anybody know where to obtain any Ektachrome EPY 64T 4x5 film? My regular dealers and suppliers can't find any, but maybe someone knows of a secret stash of it that is not terribly out of date??

What about the Fuji RTP 64T? never had experience with that for shooting artwork, but might be forced to try-- if that film is still available??

21-Jul-2010, 10:41
My camera shop used to have a bunch of expired tungsten 4x5. I will take a look next time I'm there.

Brian C. Miller
21-Jul-2010, 12:01
Glazer's Camera in Seattle has expired packs in their fridge.

Robert Ley
21-Jul-2010, 19:27
You can get fresh Fuji 64T in quickloads from B&H in NYC right now.

Drew Wiley
21-Jul-2010, 21:07
Astia 100F can easily be balanced to tungsten light sources, and in my opinion is an
even better film for copy work than 64T.