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19-Jul-2010, 21:05
Evening All,

I have a Tachihara 4x5 that I bought 6-7 months ago and haven't had time to do anything with it yet (house remodel) and I think I am ready to try and take some photographs. First I need to know if the Fuji PA-45 back will work in the Tachihara?

The second thing is; what is your opinion on using instant film as a learning tool? I do not guess there are any labs in Oklahoma City that still process 4X5 film so I thhought that the instant film could provide me some instant gratification.

Thanks for your help and opinions,


19-Jul-2010, 22:24
It works but I have to get the film from eBay.

It is essential for me as I takes 8x10 chrome and the latitude is a bit tight and my lens are not perfect in it's speed and aperture.

20-Jul-2010, 04:34
Dan, it will work with the Tachi.

As for developing your 4x5s, try Tempe Labs in Arizona. They do a great job at a decent price. Talk to Nicole or Sasha they are very helpful.

20-Jul-2010, 06:10
The Slideprinter aka, Denver Digital imaging and Reed Photo in Denver are both excellent labs with the ability to process E-6, C-41 and B&W sheet film.

I don't know about the fuji holder in the Tachihara (which I own as well), but I'd imagine it would work fine.

Brian C. Miller
20-Jul-2010, 09:00
Instant film is a fine learning tool, and it is great out in the field to proof a scene.

You can easily process your own B&W, and color just needs to be in a water bath so all the chemicals will work consistently. If you don't have a room that you can make light-tight for processing, you can get what is called a "changing bag" to transfer your film to a daylight tank for processing.