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Jerry Cunningham
19-Jul-2010, 11:06
I have acquired a Nikon AM 210mm 1:56. It is in excellent condition but I don't know what the intended use of the lens is. Any insight would be appreciated.

Joshua Dunn
19-Jul-2010, 12:13
If it's like my Nikon 120mm AM (pictures would help) it's a Marco lens. An absolutely wonderful lens for Macro but not much good for anything else. If it’s like mine it won’t focus anywhere near sharp at infinity. Being a 210mm Macro you will need a camera with a LOT of bellows extension to be able to use it to its full potential.

Dan Fromm
19-Jul-2010, 12:14
Look at what Google finds for AM-ED and Nikkor.

Search first, then ask for help if the search is fruitless.

Ramiro Elena
19-Jul-2010, 13:23
Try this:

Jerry Cunningham
19-Jul-2010, 14:55
Thanks everyone! I know I will keep this lens.

Allen in Montreal
19-Jul-2010, 15:36
.... I know I will keep this lens.

I had a friend who shot jewelery back in the days of film in the studio, he swore by that AM 210.