View Full Version : Maxwell screen on Arca-Swiss

Don Hall
20-Apr-2002, 18:33
Does anyone know if the Maxwell focusing screen for a Linhof Tech IV will fit on an Arca-Swiss F Classic 4X5 without any problems. The set-up looks the same. Ho wever, I notice that the Arca-Swiss has a thin adhesive strip under the clips th at hold the glass cover on. Does it serve any purpose other than holding the pos ition of the glass cover ?Thanks for any help. Don

John Hennessy
22-Apr-2002, 11:52
Ask Maxwell. I don't have his phone number or e-mail address, only his street address:

Maxwell Precision Optics 3158 Caintah Ct. Decatur, GA 30033

Matt Long
22-Apr-2002, 13:58

Contact Bill Maxwell at 404-244-0095 and he will gladly answer your question. To further clarify John's response, the shipping address is Caintal Ct. (John had a slight typo) and his mailing address is:

Maxwell Precision Optics P.O. Box 33146 Decatur, GA 30033-0146

Hope this helps.