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17-Jul-2010, 15:23
my very last few rolls of Bergger NP15 being used. I can not find this anywhere.
Very fine grain and slow film. Anyone know where to get any.

Is Bergger BRF100 or other Bergger still produced in sheet size?


Barry Wilkinson
18-Jul-2010, 02:07
According to Linhof & Studio in the UK all Bergger film products are discontinued.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
18-Jul-2010, 02:49
have a look at Lotus in Austria.

hendrik faure
18-Jul-2010, 10:35
try banse + Grohman they produce a NP 15 film in any size you like. I think it is like Orwo, very hard if overexposured. They have faster films also, everything unexpensiv and they are helpful

18-Jul-2010, 10:52
Thanks all.

Lotus Studio and Linhof Studio only have ISO200 or higher. No NP15.

Hendrik - Banse & Grohe are reliable or no?

Orwopan NP15 same as Bergger NP15 .. maybe surface of film is not the same.

I buy before online from Sheetfilm.be summer 2009. He take my money and I receive nothing.

hendrik faure
18-Jul-2010, 11:41
as far as I can say they are very reliable - I got my films within 3 days always best quality and I think that they supply some more expensive resellers. I think they come from the old DDR production ORWO in Wernigerode.

hendrik faure
19-Jul-2010, 13:46
james, 2nd answer: their webpage is german only.
go to
then click on "download wephota preisliste" (or similiar)
and you find a telephone- and fax-number for asking mail facilities

Drew Wiley
19-Jul-2010, 13:49
Most Bergger films were made by Forte, which has been shut down quite some time now.

19-Jul-2010, 14:22
Thank you Hendrik.

I'll ask to see if they can do.

Drew - the NP15 is Orwopan 15 no? The Bergger 200/400 may be Forte origin.

19-Jul-2010, 14:49
The only Bergger film I know if is the two or three rolls of BRF-200 in my fridge. I thought they stopped all film sales quite some time ago, as Drew mentioned. The Bergger web site no longer has any film offered from what I just saw.