View Full Version : ORWO: Where to get paper and film in U.S. now?

Diane Kaye
14-Mar-2002, 12:26
Does anyone know of a current U.S. source of ORWO fiber papers/films? (Freestyle has only a little RC left in their catalog.) I've sent a request to the corporate website. I'd be willing to buy some older Orwo graded fiber---it has a good shelf life.

janez pelko
15-Mar-2002, 07:51
ORWO is now selling under different name, I think it is called WEB. Here in Europe many different papers are still available, try to contact dealer for Slovenia cumulus@cumulus.si, www.cumulus.si for more details. Regards, www.janez-pelko.com

Mark Kallfass
15-Mar-2002, 13:21
You can also get ORWO Films&Papers&Chemicals there:
ORWO is now called Wephota - it is ORWO`s old manufaktory at Wernigerode (now Ba nse&Grohmann).

David F. Stein
15-Mar-2002, 15:20
I have bought the B+G film from Lotus View Camera in Austria-good prices and service-even with shipping to US it comes to about the same as Arista/Ilford/Kodak from Freestyle. The Wephoto paper is also superb and the B+G films use the same numbering system (NP22, etc.) as ORWO (original Wolfen). I sent an e-mail from the Wephoto site but it was not answered. Another source is www.fotoimpex.de or ask someone in Europe to purchase and mail to you here in the US. Efke and Fomapan films are also outstanding. Efke, I believe, has 2 retouching surfaces, which may be an advantage in flatbed scanning re: Newton's Rings. To summarize: I have found Efke, Fomapan and B+G (Orwo) to be "as good as it gets" traditional emulsions. Other choices include Bergger and