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Scott --
16-Jul-2010, 04:47
Bought three used 8x10 film holders recently. Noticed yesterda (after use) that this one is terribly bowed in the top:


Now, one side (the top in the photo) was fine. The bottom side, though, let in a tremendous amount of light making a very pretty pattern of streaks. Unfortunately, while pretty, the streaking pretty well ruined my image.

This is a plastic Fidelity holder. Any way to fix this?


Gem Singer
16-Jul-2010, 07:14
Hi Scott, had the same problem with an 8x10 film holder. Here's how I solved it:

1- Removed both dark slides from the holder.

2. Used a "C" clamp (same one used to hold two pieces of wood together while glue dries) on the top section of the holder and gently tightened it until it no longer bowed.

3. Applied heat with a hair drier for a few minutes. Then, allowed the clamped holder to cool over night.

4. The bow was gone. However, just to play it safe, I covered the slotted end of the holder with my dark cloth whenever using it outside in sunlight.

Problem solved.

Scott --
16-Jul-2010, 07:21
Beautiful! I'll try it.

For reference, here's a scan of the resulting leaks:


Robert Hall
16-Jul-2010, 13:18

Scott --
16-Jul-2010, 13:28

Ya know, I tries... ;)

Wife's due home with her hair dryer any time now...

Scott --
16-Jul-2010, 16:36
Update: Amazingly, this appears to be working. I put some spring clamps (3) on the top and laid a hair dryer at it for about five minutes. There was clear deformation of the plastic from the heat. I rearranged the clamps to even everything out. To do it again, I'd heat the top with no clamps, then place a couple strips of wood to either side of it and clamp it so there's even pressure across the width.

No, the proof of the pudding will be whether the plastic sets in its new conformation. Stay tuned...

Scott --
16-Jul-2010, 17:51
Ok, for the record, this lil' experiment worked. But, on further inspection, there're a couple gaps in the felt, which correspond to the initial points of the leaks in the above photo. So, I think the arching top was exacerbating the issue, but I'm not sure it was the root cause.

Now I get to post about fixing the felt in an all-plastic Fidelity... :rolleyes:

Gem Singer
16-Jul-2010, 18:25

Be sure to leave the clamps in place and allow the plastic to cool over night.

Not possible to repair or replace the felt in the light traps, however. Felt- coated metal springs are sealed inside of the holder.

That's where covering the slotted end of the holder with a dark cloth in sunlight comes into play.

john wilton
12-Oct-2010, 11:27
I have five bowed 8x10 Fidelitys: no light leaks. A friend uses a bunch; also without problems.