View Full Version : What long lens suit to ebony sv45u2

16-Jul-2010, 01:34
exceed 400mm besides Nikon's lens,because I don't like plastmats.Goerz Artar 19in is OK?

Steve Barber
16-Jul-2010, 08:31
I normally use a 45cm Goerz Red Dot Artar with this, but I have a 19" Artar that this camera is also capable of using. However, this lens, when focused at infinity, will stretch the bellows out further than I like to see it done. As to focusing at closer distances to the subject, I am not comfortable with the bellows being extended that far with a lens of that focal length on this camera. I would rather use the Fujinon that I mentioned in the other thread if I have to use a lens with a focal length of more than 45cm. Another consideration is the size of the shutter with everything I have over 300mm in a #3 Copal except the 600 Fujinon T, which is in a Copal #0 shutter.

Don Dudenbostel
16-Jul-2010, 14:48
The Nikkor M 450mm is a tessar design and the 500 / 720mm Nikkor T is a Tele design not plasmats. The Apo Ronar lenses are great also. I owned a 600 Apo Ronar and sold it to get a 600mm Fujinon C and also have the 19" RD Artar, 450 Nikkor and 360/500/720mm Nikkor T sets. All are excellent lenses. I've uesed the RD Artar for thirty five years and love it but the modern shutters like the copal are much better than the older and generally less accurate Ilex. The Nikkor M 450 and Fujinon C 600 are about as small as you'll find in this range of FL.

Drew Wiley
16-Jul-2010, 15:35
Anything with a no.3 shutter is going to be relatively heavy and potentially be less sharp at long extensions with a 4x5 due to a little more shutter vibration. Spoken from
experience. The Fuji 450C is lightwt and quite sharp, but one word of caution. With its
huge image circle, if you are in a high-flare situation, you will need a good compendium
shade. It's muti-coated and quite contrasty, but gathers an awful amount of light for
a little box-like 4x5 bellows. But nothing that focal length compares to it.

17-Jul-2010, 00:41
the fuji 450c is in copal 1 shutter , much smaller and less weight than the nikon m 450copal 3 . worth trying !

18-Jul-2010, 08:41
Thank you Barber,Dudenhostel,Wiley and earnwkw for your reply.