View Full Version : What long lens suit to ebony sv45u2

16-Jul-2010, 01:01
What long lens(over 400mm) suit to Ebony sv45u2 in addition to NIkon ?I don't like the plastmats lens.

Steve Hamley
16-Jul-2010, 04:02
Fuji 450C is an excellent choice.

Cheers, Steve

Steve Barber
16-Jul-2010, 08:18
I have a 45cm Red Dot Artar and a Ronar 360mm that are very usable with this camera. I, also, have a Fujinon 600T that works well with it, but this lens has the usual problems with movements that are typical of telephoto lenses.

Rakesh Malik
16-Jul-2010, 13:43
If you can find one, Nikon's sadly discontinued T*ED 360/500/720mm lens is an excellent lens, if a bit on the slow side.

18-Jul-2010, 08:47
Good suggestion !Thank you Hamley,Barber and Malik.Sure,I think the movements is a prolem.