View Full Version : 11x14 - two questions

Robert Fisher
15-Jul-2010, 17:31
1) is anybody interested in a group purchse of TMax 100 in 11x14?

2) I have access to a quantity of 11x14 Fildelity film holders - I can sell about 10 holders at $265 NET to me - these are all EXC or EXC+ - these are absolutely the best 1114 film holders ever made - if interested please PM me

3) does anybody have TMax 11x14 that you will sell?

Thanks all!

PS: sorry that was three questions

evan clarke
15-Jul-2010, 18:24
Robert, What camera are you using? I thought you sold your Chamonix. I have made about 100 exposures since I got mine and am very happy with it..Evan clarke

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Jul-2010, 18:42
I have 4 fidelity holders and they are the best. I'd be interested in Efke 25 in 11x14.


Scott Davis
15-Jul-2010, 19:25
I'd be more interested in Tmax 400 than 100, if it were to come to pass.

Robert Fisher
15-Jul-2010, 19:52
All 10 holders sold - thanks everybody -

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Jul-2010, 19:53
Wow! Nice!!