View Full Version : New kid in the block?

Cesar Barreto
15-Jul-2010, 09:26
Hi, all.
Does anyone has already tried one of these: http://bhcamera.us/wilderness810.php ?
It also has a small sister on 5x7' format.

Cesar B.

Gem Singer
15-Jul-2010, 09:36
From the pictures, it looks like an all-metal version of the Phillips and Chamonix design.

They've "borrowed" B&H's business name.

Unusual bellows material.

Camera made in China and ships from there.

Could be a winner, if the price is right and the build quality is high.

15-Jul-2010, 12:52
They've "borrowed" B&H's business name.

Nope, the owner's name is Jiang Bao-Heng, BH is just the abbreviation of his first name...

Gem Singer
15-Jul-2010, 13:22
"His first name is BH".

That's a lucky coincidence.

16-Jul-2010, 21:16
I couldnt see a listed price for this one? Any idea?

erie patsellis
16-Jul-2010, 23:04
$2100, at the top of the page. Looks interesting, a little borrowed from several designs, could be a decent camera, anybody care to guess what lensboard it uses?

16-Jul-2010, 23:13
Build quality appears functional but lacks the elegance of Phillips or Chamonix, at a reasonable price though. We'll see...