View Full Version : John Coffer's Jamboree....who is going?

14-Jul-2010, 14:41
I am! should be great. it always rains. lets see what this year brings.

i even got a mention on John's website. check it out. look under jam 2010!

check the site for info and "rules"


see you all there!

15-Jul-2010, 15:13
looks like none from here....hhhhmmmm? well there has been responses over at quinn's site....there must be some one from LFPF.....frank?

Frank Petronio
15-Jul-2010, 18:31
Haha We will be gone during it. And just for the record, I have ZERO interest in Wet Plate but I like the practitioners. I know my friend Andy Richmond is coming from Kansas, it must be a good time.