View Full Version : GRAFLEX PARAGON 165mm f4.5 ACME

David Woods
12-Jul-2010, 18:19

can someone tell me the image circle on GRAFLEX PARAGON 165mm f4.5 ACME, or do you know if it will cover 5x7 with moovement?


Mark Sampson
13-Jul-2010, 06:07
I've never used one, but I understand that the Ilex Paragons are Tessar-formula 4-element lenses, meant to compete with Kodak Commercial Ektars and Schneider Xenars. 165mm is the (nominal) diagonal of a 4x5 sheet, so my assumption is that this lens is a 'normal' for 4x5 and won't cover 5x7. A good 'classic' wide-angle lens for 5x7 would be the 7-1/2" Kodak Wide-Field Ektar, if you can find one.

MIke Sherck
13-Jul-2010, 06:18
My very first large format camera was an Ansco 5x7 tailboard camera with an Ilex Paragon 6 1/2" (coated) in Ilex shutter and it covered the format with some movement. I wish I'd never sold it blah blah blah... ;)


David Woods
13-Jul-2010, 17:03
thank you kindly