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12-Jul-2010, 09:53

I got some Agfa lith films
of 2 types,
first is the CS Orthochromatic (can be used under red safelight)
second is the DD UV-sensitive duplicating daylight film (can be viewed under subdued white fluorescent non UV light)

I'm shooting 4X5, and plan on cutting these sheets down to size,
but that's not the issue,

how do I develop them?

8-Jul-2014, 13:48
The discontinued Agfa lith chemistry was T865 and Resox chemistry for Lites films.Both require extremely long exposures. The DD film was never intend for any camera use but for duplicating lith film using an offset press platemaker using an extremely bright UV source. Good luck.

Liquid Artist
10-Jul-2014, 04:23
I play around with some Kodak 5360 Orthochromatic film (35 mm) from time to time, and have had good results with some old surplus Kodak D-19 developer.
Although I always pre-rinse this film since it has a red dye until the water runs clear plus the development times are around 90 minutes.

I also recently got a bulk roll of Kodak LPD4, and just ran a test strip through Caffenol - C (homebrew using instant coffee, borax laundry soap and ground up vitamin C tablets) and had better than expected results. However I admit, any results with this home brew developer is better than I expected.

Personally if I got your Ortho film I would bracket a couple test shots, possibly using a 1/2 darkslide some people use for pano's. Then cut some of the shots you know aren't the best in 1/2 and develop both pieces in different developers until I found something I liked.

One thing I love about Orthochromatic films is the low ISO. With my 5360 (ISO 0.5) I can literally do a 1 minute exposure at f4 on a bright day, and there is a good chance it will turn out. I wish I could get this film in large format.

Jim Noel
10-Jul-2014, 07:28
A "non-UV fluorescent"? Never heard of such a thing. Use a low wattage incandescent if you must, but red is safer with this film.