View Full Version : Identify this camera, please!

12-Jul-2010, 08:35
To make a long story short, I really want to buy it but I have to pay fair market price, (it's a family thing). I can't find any other image of this camera on the web nor can I find a price.





12-Jul-2010, 10:29

Glenn Thoreson
12-Jul-2010, 12:02
That's a Heiland flash bracket off a Speed Graphic mounted on top. (why didn't iI think of doing that?) :D

Jim C.
12-Jul-2010, 13:42
What Ash said, the Korona name plate is in one of the pictures.

Glenn- why on earth would you want to put a flash bracket on a field camera ?
I think it's fugly what was done to it. :D

David Lindquist
12-Jul-2010, 18:49
The lens you show is a Kodak 203 mm (8 inch) f/7.7 Ektar. The letters "ES" preceding the serial number indicate it was made in 1947. This is a desirable lens. I checked on completed sales on ebay. That showed one made in 1948 selling for $170.50 and one made in 1957 selling for $185. Don't remember how the condition of each was described. The lens looks clean in your pictures. If the shutter is working (and if not it can probably be fixed) this would be a good lens to have.

tom thomas
13-Jul-2010, 11:10
I zoomed the picture, it definitely says Korona on the brass nameplate. Perhaps the owner wanted a classy carrying handle so he added the Heiland flash holder. With the battery tube, it would be easier to carry.