View Full Version : TWB Zeiss/Dagor 30cm

Shigehiro Ishii
18-Apr-1999, 10:04
I happened to find a Zeiss Jena/Goerz Dagor 30cm f/6.8 mounted in a Compund and am considering to buy. Is there any difference between this and a plain Goerz Dagor 12" f/6.8 ? Does this cover 8x10 ? How old is this lens ? Any info about it will be helpful. Thanks.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-Apr-1999, 22:49
Jena is where it was made and that, plus the cm designation rather than mm willl give you a clue as to when. It is definatley older than 1910 when Zeiss announced the cm/mm change and before 1960, probably before WWII. Sorry I can't be more specific, I'm no lens historian. I believe if you look on Tuan's page under the lens thread, the main page not the forum, someone details the time when the Jena designation was used and narrows the window further than I can. In any event, a 300mm/30cm 6.8 Dagor will definatley cover 8 X 10.

Shigehiro Ishii
18-Apr-1999, 23:20
Dear Sean, Many thanks for your info. The glass has polish marks but the Compund shutter works fine. The price is so cheap that I have decided to buy the lens for my 8x10.