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11-Jul-2010, 05:03
I have a newly acquired Super Graphic with a Ektar 127/Synchro Compur that needs a shutter overhaul. I also have a Schneider 135 convertible (uncoated) that is mounted in a Copal 0 on a Cambo board (I couldn't sell my Cambo kit, so I may repurpose the lens.)

Is it reasonable to do a swap myself (I have no experience)? I don't know how the holes in the board compare. Maybe I need to make a board or look for a blank one?


11-Jul-2010, 11:05
Removing one lens from the board and replacing with another is a cinch.

If you don't know already, you need t remove the rear element and use a spanner tool to untwist the retainer ring. Whatever you do, work carefully and don't slip during this operation.

Then reverse operation to put the replacement lens on.

It would not surpise me to find out that both of your shutters are about the same mounting hole size. That would make the swap really easy. Otherwise you might need to look into getting another lens board.

11-Jul-2010, 11:07
For the SuperGraphic, making a board would be the difficult way to go. But you can make it easier on yourself and use a Pacemaker board. It won't permit use of the electric shutter release but it will hold the lens in place and will be affordable.

11-Jul-2010, 11:10
If it is not a direct replacement situation, ou can either get a blank and start cutting the hole from nothing, or look for one with a 35mm hole already in it.

11-Jul-2010, 11:12
If you need lensboards, you can get them made by
Scott --

11-Jul-2010, 11:20
I'm not in the know, Ash... Scott who?

11-Jul-2010, 11:23
I take that back. I googled him and see what you are talking about. Interesting option!

11-Jul-2010, 11:54

11-Jul-2010, 12:35

I guess the first thing I do is try to remove the old Ektar. and see what the hole looks like. I will keep Scott in mind as well.

Dan Fromm
11-Jul-2010, 14:31
Wrong, Ash, Pacemaker Graphics and the Super Graphic have metal boards. A wood board won't fit their front standards' light trap.

GDI, 127/4.7 Ektars sold in Compurs were in #1 shutters. A #0 is a very poor fit in a hole for a #1. Visit www.skgrimes.com to see the sizes and their prices on new boards for your camera.

If you must use y'r 135/5.6 Symmar, the best option is a board for it.

I'm not sure that the Symmar will be much better for you than the Ektar. I have a 135/5.6 convertible Symmar in #0, also a couple of 127/4.7 Ektars and a 127/4.7 Tominon. I've never used the Ektars, one is in a dead shutter, the other is badly scratched, but I've shot my Symmar against my Tominon and the Tominon is not worse. But and however, I shoot 2x3 so on 4x5 the Symmar might give slightly better image quality in the corners than the Tominon or a 127 Ektar. Remember, y'r Cambo has more movements than a Super Graphic.

Good luck, have fun,


Alan Davenport
11-Jul-2010, 14:35
Always keep in mind, large format cameras use 100 year old technology. Ain't no rocket science involved. Just make the parts fit together and don't strip the threads.

11-Jul-2010, 15:07
Wrong, Ash, Pacemaker Graphics and the Super Graphic have metal boards. A wood board won't fit their front standards' light trap.

Dan, I didn't believe it at first either (I totally failed to remember seeing this thread when it first appeared) but take a look at this... a wood board on a SuperGraphic: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=24287

11-Jul-2010, 15:15
Dan, I was going to stand corrected, but I think I'll remain seated :)

I totally failed to remember seeing this thread when it first appeared

I bought one of "that guy's" boards for my Anniversary Graphic not long ago. It is inexpensive and good-enough made... but yours is PRETTY! Nice work!


11-Jul-2010, 15:22
I'd be embarassed, but forgetting things that happened in the past is starting to happen so frequently that I forget to get embarassed. :)

12-Jul-2010, 01:05
I'm still young enough to be forgiven for not knowing I ought to be embarrassed ;)

12-Jul-2010, 03:44
Thanks again to all.

Dan - you are right that my old Symmar is not the greatest lens ever. But the Ektar shutter needs an overhaul and the Symmar shutter works beautifully. And yes I think it will provide better coverage.

I MAY try to get the Ektar's Synchro Compur cleaned up myself, then I could use it as well - the Super has the right RF cam for it and it is on the correct electronic shutter connect board. I could save the Symmar for those time I want a long soft focal length or movements!

I have a router I could try my hand at making a board as well, but I think finding some nice flat cherry wood would be expensive! Scott's boards look like a great deal.