View Full Version : Any place in Shanghao to buy Kodak 160NC? in 5x4?

11-Jul-2010, 00:41
Hi, I will be in Shanghai next week and have run out of the film that I started my trip with, any one know of a place where I can buy some 160NC in 5 x 4 format? Also, anyone know of a good lab that will develop film in this size? Ok, thnaks so much. Best Regards Josh

Tim Meisburger
11-Jul-2010, 03:19
Josh, I don't know about Kodak, but they make Shanghai 4x5 (BW 100 asa), so if you need any you might be able to get it there cheap.
Have fun.

11-Jul-2010, 05:12
I am sure your hotel concierge can direct you to the Xing Guan Photographic Equipment Market. Details and other stuff here:


12-Jul-2010, 10:45
Thanks so much, will hunt that place down and see what I can find. Thanks again, much appreciated! Cheers Josh

12-Jul-2010, 10:50
Hi Rayt, Just noticed you are based in Hong Kong? I am currently also in Hong Kong and was wondering if you knew of any places that might sell 160NC? I did see some in a shop in Stanley Street, something "scientific" in the title, just down from colour six but it was unrefrigerated and quite expensive.. Any other suggestions? I also tried a place in Mong Kok that was suggested but they only had 120 film. If worst comes to the worst i may have to buy one box at least for the aforementioned. Ok, thanks again, much appreciated! Cheers Josh

12-Jul-2010, 16:34
Hi Josh, Photo Scientific is very expensive. I have only ever shopped there once and there will never be a second time. There is a small one hour photo lab in Tsim Sha Tsui that imports all kinds of film and they might have 160NC. Give them a call at 27233266. Dot Well Photo, 42 Carnarvon Road. It is on the side street below Champagne Court where all those used camera shops are located. You can also try Kowloon Photo in Yau Ma Tei. I don't know the street off hand but it is an authorized Leica dealer so calling Schmidt might get you the address. They are one of the last shops in HK selling chemicals and refrigerated film.

12-Jul-2010, 20:08
Nice one! Will give them a try today! Thanks so much, much appreciated!! Cheers Josh