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10-Jul-2010, 13:36
I just started my first tries with Kodak MXB X-ray General Purpose Blue (or Green). First one was few weeks ago on photographic workshops. We were shooting them as 400 or 800 ASA and developing in "W-35" developer. Results were quite well so i decided to buy a box of 100 sheets.

Kodak MXB Green as ASA 400 -> W-35 developer

I don't have this W-35 anymore, so with my friend we were trying to use medical Agfa Curix machine with medical x-ray chemicals used in developing of x-ray photos (Adefo - if i remember the name corectly). Test shots were taken with medium format camera and plate adapter attached .

I was really surprised after few test shots that this films were really so sensitive. ASA 100, ASA 400, ASA 800 ... even ASA 1600 were strong overexposed. Poor results were visible after setting to ASA 3200 and ... our range of shutter speeds/exposures were over.

Here are the samples:

I thought that maybe here someone could have some experience with those films. I was planning to use them with two of my LF cameras. Both don't have shutter so i need at last one second to make a proper exposure. ASA 3200 is a way too fast for me. One of my friends was trying with "Kodak MXB Green" - good results he achived with ASA 100 and developing in 20C, ID-11 developer and 11 minutes.