View Full Version : Regno shutter cable release

Justin Cormack
9-Jul-2010, 11:27
I have an old (c1915) Regno shutter and I am trying to work out what kind of cable release it is. Its not threaded and it doesnt respond to anything mechanical, so I presume it might be a pneumatic bulb? I guess I could blow into it to verify this? Can you get releases or shall I make one out of an airblower if thats the case...

Steven Tribe
9-Jul-2010, 11:35
Yes, yes and yes!

I seem to remember that old fashion blood pressure kits are a cheap and quality replacement. Available at your local pharmaceutical store.

Glenn Thoreson
9-Jul-2010, 11:40
Without a picture, it's hard to tell. I believe that one is a pneumatic shutter, though. If it has a piston on each side of the shutter, the one one the left (facing it) is the release piston and the one on the right is the timing piston. You can find a release bulb and tube pretty easily. Be aware that some of these shutters don't work well, if at all, and are usually not accurate. Be prepared to have it serviced. If it works, you'll be a happy camper. :D

Steven Tribe
9-Jul-2010, 11:59
Wollensak was the maker. You can see pictures at cameraeccentric's site - it is page 28 in the 1916 Wollensak catalogue. Buktus has material, too.

Justin Cormack
9-Jul-2010, 14:17
Thanks! It works pretty well, although perhaps inaccurately, which was why I was looking for a cable release. Will rig something up then! Thanks.

11-Jul-2010, 10:49
I know several names for people who work on modern shutters. Are there any suggestions for service people who may be better than others with pneumatic shutters, preferably in the US? This post reminded me that I've got a Regno and a Conley Automatic that could use a repair/CLA.

11-Jul-2010, 19:21
From an old catalog I found online,
"All Wollensak shutters are operated by wire release, though should a bulb and tube be desired a 'bulb attachment' can be supplied, which screws into the socket release and to which the bulb and tube is attached."
Now I just need to call and ask about Wollensak shutters, and not specific to pneumatic design. I learn something every day.