View Full Version : Toyo view to toyo field back

8-Jul-2010, 20:50

I have this lovely piece of kit in my hands, a Toyo View Quick Roll Slider along with a 6x9 Arca Swiss, graflok style roll film holder. The back has what looks like an acid etched groundglass and a Fresnel built in. I'd dearly love to use this for 6x9 portraits but I only have a meagre Toyo Field AFII, which has a smaller back on it.

The back has the words "For Graphic" on it, is it a standard back for a Toyo view camera?

Is there anyway to mount this Toyo-view back on a Toyo-field camera? Or should I sell this and buy the right back?

Thanks in advance.

13-Jul-2010, 06:19
After some research and contacting a few people it seems I cannot mount the graphic back on my Toyo Field unless I could come up with some kind of custom mount. There is a similar piece of kit in the Toyo accessories list for my camera that will take the 6x9 graflok style roll film holder. So I guess I'd be putting the graphic back on the market!