View Full Version : Films safety of overseas order

NG Sai-kit
18-Apr-2002, 00:14
Hi, due to the limited selection of 45 B/W films in Hong Kong, local Kodak only ships TMAX 100. Special order of other kind of films could be placed of a min. q ty. of 1,000 sheets. This is too much for me, so I plan to buy from B&H but worr y about X-ray scan at custom on both sides. Do anyone has the experience of same kind? Thanks.

18-Apr-2002, 03:33

I asked B&H on monday about this issue and received on wednesday their answer. Basically their answer was:

When shipped with UPS, film is not x-rayed, when shipped with US- Postal, it might be x-rayed (Anthrax related). With UPS it takes several days to deliver goods to Europe. With US-Postal several weeks. Therefore US-Postal is cheaper than UPS.

But you can better ask B&H yourself as shipping to Japan maybe is subject to different rules.

Huib Smeets The Netherlands.