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joe zarick
12-Mar-2002, 11:41
When I remove the back from my Super Graphic, I see two steel "clips" which slid e up and down . . I have no inst book. What is their function?

J. P. Mose
12-Mar-2002, 12:06

The clips hold accessories firmly in place against the back of the camera. When accessories are too large to insert under the spring back, than one must remove it in order to fit. For instance, a roll film back can be up to several inches thick (a 70mm back is about the thickest that I can think of). Normal 2 sheet holders, Grafmatic and 4 X 5 polaroid sheet backs simply slide in between the back and the camera and is held filmly in place by the springs. Hope this makes sense. Look at Graflex.org for further information.

J. P. Mose

Kevin Crisp
12-Mar-2002, 12:10
Joe: I'm assuming that you are puzzled by the sliding lock(s) for the Graflok back. There are lots of acccessories which fit the back of your camera, and the clips slide to hold them in place. Everything from roll film backs to a cold light head to make it an enlarger. A Polaroid 545 back, for example, will stay on without the ground glass and springs behind it because it is made to mate perfectly with those sliding clips. If you don't have Graflok accessories, then their function is none and you don't need to take the back off. Are you planning on opening a camera store? This is camera # what for you?