View Full Version : center filter from fuji g617 on apo grandagon55

12-Mar-2002, 06:45
I definitly need a center filter when shooting 4x5 slides with my apo grandagon 55, i just wonder if i can use the center filter for the fuji g617 (thread77) on my rodenstock lens(thread67) using stepping rings (67to72 and 72to77) ?

Bob Salomon
12-Mar-2002, 08:56
No. Only one with 67mm thread that does not use a step-up ring to mount it will work properly. Among other problems the distace from the lens to the filter will be wrong as will the size of the spot.

Ellis Vener
12-Mar-2002, 10:47
Bob is right about the physics involved.

Try a Heliopan center weighted filter instead of the Rodenstock branded one. When I needed a CWF for my 90mm f/4.5 Grandagon I bought the 82mm Heliopan CWF from Ken Hansen Photographic in New York City and it was , as I recall, only slightly more than half the price of a Rodenstock from Calumet Photographic. As far as I know Ken Hansen's shop is <I>not</I. a 'gray market' vendor; as their priceand Calumet's price were virtually the same price was just the same for the Heliopan CWF