View Full Version : Symmar 300mm convertible, which shutter?

2-Jul-2010, 11:54
I have seen an old Schneider Symmar 300mm convertible, fitted on a Sinar board (barrel + external command for the diaphragm).
If i buy that lens, i'd like to fit it in a shutter.
I have seen exactly the same lens, with aluminium front cell, fitted in a Compound shutter. The "original" 300mm Symmar, as per Schneider literature, should fit in a "III 7" size shutter. My question is: should a standard No. 3 shutter do? If not, does it need any major work to be adapted?

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Don Dudenbostel
2-Jul-2010, 12:28
I have th eold chrome version and it's in a copal 3 but if it comes in a compound you might want to check the s k grimes site for specs on threads and diameter.

erie patsellis
2-Jul-2010, 13:29
Ther are various versions, the earliest in compounds, but for the little cost involved, I'd consider a -S or -S MC personally.

Have you priced a used Copal #3 shutter? Typically, you can find a 300 Symmar-S (or -S MC) for ~300 and change. That's pretty close to what a used shutter costs, and there several variations of Copal 3 shutter, and not readily apparent (without a vernier caliper). Used Compound III-7 shutters are pretty rare, and typically get top dollar as well.

If you're looking for a good first 8x10 lens, I'd consider looking at KEH, they typically have a few options to choose from, and the BGN grade will be quite serviceable for most of us.

2-Jul-2010, 13:51
What Erie said. Plus, some of the old 300 Symmars were fitted to a III 8 Compound shutter, not a III 7, assuming there is any difference (which I don't know).

There are lots of great old 300's out there without such issues to resolve.

Rick "thinking a Symmar Convertible in a Compur should come along fairly often" Denney