View Full Version : Komura 75mm f6.3

Sorin Varzaru
11-Mar-2002, 21:26
Anybody knows anything about this lens? So far I learned that is a retrofocus de sign so it focuses at infinity with about 10 cm of bellows draw and that it cove rs 4x5.

Any ideeas about the exact coverage, sharpness, flare control?

Tom Hieb
11-Mar-2002, 23:10
I have this lens and I like it. I have never tried to measure the coverage but at f22 (which is what I use it at most of the time)it does cover 4x5 with a little bit of movement. I just recently made some 16x20 enlargements of a photo I took with this lens and I was more than happy with the sharpness throughout the entire negative. I have never had a problem with flare, but I am careful to shade my lenses when I shoot. You probably would have some problems if you pointed it into the sun. At f22 I can't detect any light fall off in my negatives, at least for the types of photos I shoot, so I have never felt I needed a center filter. And finally, one thing I like about the lens is that it extends far enough either side of the flange so that I can use it on a Crown Graphic (which I like using as a field camera) without even dropping the bed. I hope somebody else will be able to provide you with more specific numbers.


Sorin Varzaru
11-Mar-2002, 23:18
Tom, can you guess how much you can shift the lens without vignetting ?

Tom Hieb
12-Mar-2002, 00:39
Just guessing, maybe 10 to 15mm. I use the lens mostly for landscapes and find that I don't usually need a lot of shift or tilt at this focal length. If I can figure out how to do it, I will try to measure the image circle within the next day or two.

Noshir Patel
12-Mar-2002, 12:25
Add on question since this looks like an inexpensive way to get a 75mm lens... Is this lens appropriate for color work? (My understanding is that older lenses, which I assume this to be, are often good for B&W but badly corrected for color.) I am interested in large prints. If I can't do at least a decent 20x24 in color, I'm not interested.