View Full Version : Cable release for Copal shutter

29-Jun-2010, 21:57
I have just acquired a couple of lenses with Copal shutters (#0 and #1). What is the correct shutter release (plain cable, not angled or otherwise fancy) for them and where can I find them?

Bob Salomon
30-Jun-2010, 02:02
Most camera stores in the USA sell Gepe Pro cable releases, they are available with or without a lock. Locks available are Zeiss disc lock or a T lock. Gepe offeres cloth, PVC, spiral silver steel, spiral black steel and mesh steel covers. All but the shortest have a turning nipple, all are long throw. All will function with a Copal o, 1 or 3 shutter. Most will have too short a throw to work with a Copal Press.

In addition all Linhof and all Kaiser cable releases will work with your shutters aslo.

30-Jun-2010, 06:19
Many thanks, Bob.

I could not find any reference by googling...

Now I can add to my kit!